2017 … A Pivotal Year for Internet Marketing
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2017 … A Pivotal Year for Internet Marketing

2017 … A Pivotal Year for Internet Marketing

Among the many issues we’re working through in 2017, a few to mention include:

More and more of the universe of potential consumers are “locked up” in enclosures of their own choosing such as Facebook… literally billions of people. Additionally, the stats coming in from many of the very largest platforms suggest they have serious flaws most of which, not surprisingly, favor the platforms! The mobile web is growing even faster with quicker loading pages, targeted content and focused engagement of its users. On top of this are privacy issues that seem to grow by the day. Some estimates have over $5M/day in ad budgets being absorbed every day by just Russian hackers.

In spite of this, everything keeps growing… publishers reach their audiences, the brand continues to stand out and new tools to refine the process come out at dizzying speed. But the need to make it better — a great deal better, has never been more obvious.

There’s a glaring need for:

  1. Even simpler tools to pull together advertising and marketing information onto one platform…
  2. Today’s advertisers need to manage and get the statistical support needed for the web and all platforms in one place… but see each marketplace
  3. Consumer’s experience – their real experience is more often than not overlooked… Lots of talk but little real effort to change. Most customer experiences in the sales funnel today are not so good.
  4. Money being spent needs to be more easily tracked to know it’s spent on getting to customers and not going into the pockets of scammers.

These are some of the important challenges of 2017. To meet them we have to all put our shoulders to the wheel and innovate within our own organizations in ways that when looked at in the aggregate, results is a stronger, easier to manage and better-targeted internet marketplace.

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