Advertisers: Time to up your game!
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Advertisers: Time to up your game!

Advertisers: Time to up your game!

Some months ago, we blogged about the importance of both the Advertiser and the Publisher working together to make a pay per call campaign successful for everyone involved. In other words, it definitely takes two to tango! Recently, however, we’ve noticed in a number of campaigns where increasingly there are issues arising on the Advertiser side that make it difficult for a call to successfully complete. This seems to be attributable to any number of reasons including:

  1. Not enough personnel to handle all calls. Calls ring and go unanswered or sales personnel aren’t available.
  2. Technical issues that make it difficult for a call to stay connected.
  3. Poor connections or noisy advertiser call floor that make it hard to hear one another.
  4. Advertiser reps are not up to speed, properly trained, or don’t have the correct information about what they’re trying to sell.
  5. Callers are placed on hold, only to have the advertiser rep never return.

Combining these and similar reasons, it can be surprising the high percentage of calls that never get the job done …in effect are wasted. Recent experience suggests up to 30 or 40% in some campaigns. What makes this even more frustrating is often when one attempts to have an objective review with the Advertiser, they instinctively take the inflexible position that the problems aren’t on their side of the call. Yet a careful review of the recordings often shows otherwise.
There was definitely a time, some years ago, when the disparity between the Publisher and Advertiser was obvious and the Advertiser came off as much more professional. That doesn’t seem to be the case today. Publishers have taken huge strides in “professionalizing” their approach, many times leaving the Advertiser trying hard to catch up. Strides in technology and more serious long-term business-minded professionals choosing internet publishing as a career have helped bring about this change.

Today, there’s little question that both the Publisher and Advertiser are on a much more level playing field. To make a call campaign successful, both have to do their part and perform their respective responsibilities well. At this point, it’s increasingly clear a number of the Advertisers have to work harder to catch up on their side to be a truly qualified team player.

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