Be Versatile with Your Data!
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Be Versatile with Your Data!

Be Versatile with Your Data!

versatile2Something that we’ve observed over the past year in working with many Advertisers over a wide range of market types is that sometimes a particular offer converts well and then, without any apparent reason, it changes and starts converting less well. These same phenomena can apply to an entire segment or vertical like auto insurance or life insurance or solar. What this is telling us is that marketplaces are in continuing flux. Changes are taking place with buyers that we can’t see. In other words, just like the old saying, nothing remains the same for too long.

With this in mind and with the objective as a Publisher of creating as much revenue as possible, it’s important to think of the data you have available as a versatile resource that can be used in multiple markets. Data that you have been using for one purpose should be tried for other. At least it should be tested. Since you already have the data it can be very cost effective if there’s another use. For example data that you are using to generate solar leads could be tried for life insurance or home insurance.

More and more it’s important to be flexible and able to change from one market to another quickly and cost effectively. This way you can spread your efforts across a number of markets and actively participate when the markets are “hot” and conversions are strong. Being creative and mindful of all the uses you can find for your data is a great place to start!

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