Call Campaigns… Keeping it Real
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Call Campaigns… Keeping it Real

Call Campaigns… Keeping it Real

Furiously competing for our time and attention are countless webinars, white papers, mini-conferences and other forums all designed to help a Publisher be more successful in the pay per call space. The ideas are never ending! Much research and effort are expended on the how to maximize the caller experience, to optimize the analytics available and generally how to wring every ounce of success from an internet based call. The energy expended is enough to blow alternative energy sources way past fossil fuels and solve our climate change issues in one big push. And the point? To help the Publisher grow their call business.

Often overlooked in this breathless rush to optimization are several elements that are beginning to creep in from the earlier days of digital leads — lack of honesty and transparency. Just as many were beginning to think that live calls were going to largely solve the issue of data fraud, an old lesson resurfaced……….everything changes…..but nothing changes……….including fraud.

Without the most fundamental element of offering real value, no amount of “webinaring” can compensate. And unfortunately, the “something for nothing mentality” that writ large during 2016 is beginning to rear its face here in 2017. For everyone who is serious about call campaigns and looking to what’s beginning to change the marketplace for the future of their business, it’s incumbent that everyone does their part to ensure that what’s going on is legitimate, real and that fraud of any kind is called out. The time to do this is right now!

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