Countershot Media’s Rapid Growth
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Countershot Media’s Rapid Growth

Countershot Media’s Rapid Growth

growthClickOffer / Countershot Media is growing faster than ever! We’re adding record numbers of new Affiliate Partners every week! We’re excited because this confirms that, when compared to other networks, Countershot is increasingly the choice being made by affiliates as to where they want to make their online home!

At the same time we realize how important our relationship with our Affiliates is every day. Its working together that makes both of us successful. We are committed to bringing our Affiliate Partners the finest offers we can find, carefully review them and once they are put on our network, continuing to monitor them to be sure they are working to benefit everyone.

Currently about 2/3 of our Affiliates are US based and the balance come from all over the world including many countries in South America, also Canada, the UK, Italy, Israel, Australia, Korea, Bangladesh and India. All affiliate applications are carefully vetted by our “On boarding” team and, on average, we get 5 applications for each one we accept to join our team. So let’s everyone give ourselves a cheer!

Countershot wants to be sure as it possibly can that those of us working together share a similar quality outlook, wanting to generate solid traffic and build relationships with our customers for the long term. We continue to monitor and measure this daily. We fully understand that someone not doing a good job has a negative impact on all of us.

As we continue to grow, we also want to keep up and even expand our dialog with one another. It’s important that we hear from anyone regarding how we can do things better, continue to grow responsibly and work together more closely. Its takes us working together to make what we are doing a long term success.

Thanks again to everyone who’s now part of the team for making the decision to be a part of ClickOffer / Countershot Media! We are both proud and excited by being in this together!

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