Countershot’s Offers Continue to Expand!
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Countershot’s Offers Continue to Expand!

Countershot’s Offers Continue to Expand!

new_offersWhen Countershot Media’s ClickOffer Network was first envisioned, the original idea was to have a limited number of auto centric offers focused on auto insurance. Since then, the number of offers has expanded rapidly! Importantly, many Publishers have also expanded their areas of interest and instead of focusing on one market, now actively participate in several. Likewise for Countershot.

Another driving force is data. As a Publisher acquires and pays for good data, there’s a real incentive to find offers where the same data is effective. Potential applicants or customers often have shared or related interests and can be reached by similar data.

Very importantly this change is also driven by the enormous acceptance Countershot received from the affiliate community in signing up and coming onboard. To accommodate this expanding and eclectic Publisher base, Countershot is constantly listening to what its affiliates are saying and working to insure that they have Advertisers that work for them!

In response to these changes, Countershot is in the process of expanding its number of offers rapidly in both its core markets of finance and insurance, as well as, expanding to offers requested by its Affiliate Partners. Recently, ClickOffer has introduced its own proprietary business loan product – Capital Business Loans which is unique in that it offers Publishers the choice of earning a percentage of the loan amount, being paid on a per lead basis or a combination of both. In addition to this offer, recently added are:

 * Accuquote insurance

 * Accreditied Debt Relief

 * Bella Dore skin crème

 * Geniux

 * ProBio Slim

Just to name a few!

This diversity is allowing a wide range of Affiliate Partners to find a home at Countershot / ClickOffer where they know their success is the Countershot team’s first priority!

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