Excited About 2016!
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Excited About 2016!

Excited About 2016!


As we’ve all quickly moved into 2016, we’re so excited about what can be accomplished working closely together with our Advertisers and Publishers. We can hardly wait for the year to settle into high gear!

2015 was a big year for all of those involved with Countershot Media and from what we can see shaping up, 2016 promises to be even stronger! We’re resolved to continue:


  1. Treating our Advertisers and Publishers as our partners, addressing their concerns like our own.
  2. Delivering to Advertisers, new customers with strong intentions ready to take action.
  3. Placing Publishers in situations with Advertisers where they can excel.
  4. Being transparent and committed to the everyday and long term success of our Publishers & Advertisers.
  5. Scaling up with quality solutions as our Advertisers grow and our Publishers expand

We know it’s a collaborative effort to be successful in today’s internet market place. No matter how well you manage your own business, it’s the combination of all the efforts of those you work with that makes the difference. Counter Shot Media is committed to being a good partner — where your success is always just as important as our own.

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