For Advertisers, It’s Sales… NOT Duration
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For Advertisers, It’s Sales… NOT Duration

For Advertisers, It’s Sales… NOT Duration

Pay-per-call Publishers often boast about the revenue per call they can achieve with ever increasingly shorter durations (the time the caller has to remain on the phone line for the call to “qualify” for payment by the Advertiser. To give credit where due, early in the pay-per-call business, durations were short and as the industry matured, the durations morphed into increasingly longer times with it not uncommon for today’s calls too average 120 seconds, maybe more.

However, the duration of a call for payment by the Advertiser seems to totally miss the point. The whole purpose of the Advertiser receiving a call from a Publisher is to get someone on the line who is interested in purchasing a good or service from them. If that doesn’t happen, the whole effort has been wasted. It’s super important not to lose sight of this point — pay-per-call is ALL ABOUT the Advertiser getting their goods and services sold. Not about having a short but “qualified” conversation on the phone. The auto insurance carrier wants to sell car policies and the same for health and Medicare policies with insurance providers. Whatever the length of the call duration is really irrelevant.

Said simply, it’s what sells that counts. The rest is just conversation… ”moving air”. It’s especially important that Publishers don’t lose sight of this point. High conversion rates (meeting the duration minimum time), particularly as a result of shortened durations, can mislead one into the misconception that their campaign is “successful” when, in fact, it can be quite the opposite.

Increasingly, campaigns are canceled (PAUSED is the current polite term), not because calls don’t meet the duration but simply because the calls don’t sell the needed products and services making the economics of the exercise worthless.

It would take several blogs to go into the multiple reasons why some calls sell an Advertiser’s products and others don’t. However, it’s the nuances and the details that make all the difference. As often said, the devil is in the details and it’s these details that separate sustainable campaigns from those that may fly high but crash after a short run. The important thing to remember is to keep one’s eye on the sales success of the Advertiser with the campaign. That, at the end of the day, is the only valid measure of a successful campaign.

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