“Getting to Know You…”
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“Getting to Know You…”

“Getting to Know You…”

Getting to Know You...

70 years ago Oscar Hammerstein wrote the lyrics….” getting to know you, all about you” for the new Broadway musical, “The King and I”. Based on an ancient saying, these lyrics have endured and today, almost everyone is still familiar with them and the melody. Why? One reason may be that they are so basically something most of us want to do — get to know one another better.

In what most of us do online, where everything can seem so ethereal much of the time, one of the “solid” things we can hold onto is strong relationships with both individuals and companies. In several earlier blogs, we’ve talked about the 3 incredibly strong concepts on which we can build our business – TRUTH, TRUST, and TRANSPARENCY. Knowing more about one another is a key element of all 3 of these tenets.

Whether we are a publisher, advertiser or the media company in the center of it all, creating and fostering relationships is an important key to mutual success. At times, the more we know, the less we like it… and that’s OK. A “good” relationship at times can be “no “relationship. But in the environment where we are working together, the better we know one another, understand each other and appreciate our differences, the better our chances of being successful together.

This means allowing space for mistakes, doing a better job some days versus others, having very different points of view and not being equal in every facet of business. Once we get to know someone or a company and agree there’s a core competency or reason to be working together, the rest is living with diversity — sometimes uncomfortable but at the same time, what it’s all about.

At Counter Shot, we are blessed to be working with many of the same people and companies that have been with and around us for a very long time. We’ve all taken the time to get to know one another and importantly, accept our differences. “Getting to know you, all about you” is where it starts. We thank those we work with every day who have taken the time to get to know us better!

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