Happy Holidays!… or even better… Hakuna Matata!
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Happy Holidays!… or even better… Hakuna Matata!

Happy Holidays!… or even better… Hakuna Matata!

There’s no one I know over 14 years old that doesn’t think the Christmas holiday season isn’t overly stressful, at the end of it all a letdown, and wishes there was a better alternative. We can all agree this holiday is way off track… and it’s supposed to be the biggest and most festive time of year!

I suggest we let those who want to celebrate Christmas have at it, but no mandatory wrapped gifts, big mid-day meals, tinsel decorations or road trips home plus about 50 other negatives depending on who’s counting.  All that Christmas “business” is completely optional with participants having to double opt-in. Everyone else is totally free to ignore the holiday completely!  Or better yet, you can choose, as an alternate, to replace it with a Hakuna Matata themed holiday with roughly the idea that “the rest of your days be trouble free!”  A very laid back, Margaritaville type approach where all that’s expected is to “chill out”. No “celebration” required.

Would this be such a relief! The end of the year now becomes a time to take a well-deserved rest from all you’ve done during the year. A time to relax, reflect and restore yourself for the upcoming year. Not just being a great Zen-like experience, I bet we’d be surprised at how much better we all start off the new year… rested and refreshed!

I know you’re thinking, we haven’t mentioned money… it’s obvious, isn’t it? We still have some! No serious spending and crushing debt. Money in the bank to start the New Year or to take advantage of the after Christmas sales from all the stuff those who opted in couldn’t buy.

Until we can create our alternate world, all of us here in the Counter Shot family want to wish each of you the merriest, stress-free and joyous holiday!!


Taylor, Knott, Rachel,

Terrance, Corey, Angie, Dave,

Roger & Gerhard

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