Health Insurance – It’s easy to get left behind.
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Health Insurance – It’s easy to get left behind.

Health Insurance – It’s easy to get left behind.

While there’s a fierce debate in our politics as to who should and who should not be eligible to receive assistance in helping pay for health insurance coverage, one doesn’t have to go any further than the calls coming across our health insurance call platforms, to quickly realize how many people deeply want coverage, are actively seeking it but, at the end of the day, can’t afford even modest amounts of premium needed by most providers for the most basic coverage. Not taking a position on the extent the government can, is able to or should help, what is very obvious, is there are many, many people who believe they need health insurance protection but who can’t afford it.

One can’t help but wonder how the citizens of a country get into such a situation where some have access to health care and others don’t. Today it comes down to, more and more, if a person is fortunate enough to have a job that provides some type of coverage. It was reported recently that there are almost 9 million people today who work for the federal and state governments who are provided coverage. At the same time, in the private sector of the economy, it certainly looks and feels like the percentage of jobs providing coverage is an ever increasingly smaller one. And anyone who has worked for themselves has experienced the extraordinary cost of individual coverage. For those who have been unemployed, just forget it.

For those of us involved in the health insurance coverage business, even in the most tangential way, it’s difficult to not have to scratch your head as to does this whole business of the way we go about providing health coverage for one or one’s family make any sense?

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