It all escalates!
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It all escalates!

It all escalates!

sluethEveryone is familiar with technological innovation that continues to incrementally improve to where one day it seems that everything has changed. Something similar has been occurring in software development that allows Lead Buyers to know more and more about how a lead is generated, if the data is fresh and much, much more. In this circumstance no one has to call or make contact with the potential applicant. Almost everything that’s needed to make a determination as to the quality of the lead is embedded in the analytical capability of the software.

What seems slower to catch up is the realization by Lead Publishers that this is actually taking place with almost ALL buyers today. There’s almost no one who is buying leads “blind” and waiting on some insurance or sales agent to reach the applicant to determine if they have purchased a valid lead. The evaluation of the data takes place much earlier in the process and often a decision is made almost immediately after receiving the information. The “old” notion of let’s send 50 leads and see how they perform is rapidly becoming an outmoded concept.

Penalties imposed on Publishers by Advertisers who conclude that the quality of the data they’re receiving isn’t up to par ranges from immediate adjustments in the pricing to something lower, blocking the Publisher altogether and not accepting their traffic and finally refusal to pay for any of the traffic that did make it through. At this point the Advertiser is holding all the cards

magnifying-printsThere are several things a Publisher needs to understand at a very deep level. The first is that if they knowingly are sending traffic they know is not as represented, it won’t last long and there’s price to pay. Secondly, it’s still a Seller’s / Publisher’s market but only for quality data. In today’s environment, if you can generate quality data, you can almost write your own ticket. Thirdly, if you are a modest sized Publisher but maybe have one or more affiliates or if you buy traffic from third parties, you need your own quality / fraud detection software to keep inferior data out of your traffic. Don’t let an affiliate or traffic provider ruin your business. We’ve seen this happen too often, especially with those who purchase third party traffic.

As we start to see the end of 2106 and 2017 on the horizon, remember the software is only going to get better and more sophisticated. It will only get harder and harder for poor quality traffic to successfully monetize. If you are a Publisher and have a long term view of wanting to stay in the lead business, your best investment today is in technology and puts you in control of the quality of the data you are receiving / generating and expecting to sell and be paid for.

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