It takes two!
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It takes two!

It takes two!

fairness-300x209In today’s marketplaces, more and more businesses of all kinds are depending on internet marketers, i.e. Publishers, to help them reach interested customers for their products and services. One way they do this is to place Offers on the internet in structured environments such as the Countershot / ClickOffer network. At the same time more and more entrepreneurs and small businessmen are turning to Publishing as a way to create a living income. This concept works as long as both Advertisers and Publishers treat each other with fairness and respect.

When either party decides it can take advantage of the other through a host of deceptive practices, the entire marketplace begins to unravel. Advertisers who don’t properly account for the customers they receive or Publishers who don’t send real customers but rather data that creates a “fake” customer start a process in which everyone ultimately loses.

One of the ways to push back against this process is to connect with a network that shares your values and works with both customers and other publishers who use your products and services. This network will work with you to help insure that fair and equitable practices are enforced in your marketplace. This doesn’t solve all the issues but it’s a coordinated effort that can make a difference.

Countershot Media / ClickOffer is committed to everyone being treated fairly!

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