Let’s partner and grow together!
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Let’s partner and grow together!

Let’s partner and grow together!

Here at Countershot Media, we’re continually exploring ways, with you in mind, to grow our business. The first half of 2017 has been an exciting time and one full of continuous new opportunities. We try to carefully evaluate each situation that presents itself, and many, as you may suspect, can’t pass muster. Those that we think are worth the time and investment, we continue to carefully evaluate.

The market for call traffic is rapidly growing both horizontally, across different marketplaces and products, as well as, vertically, deeper and deeper into a single market. An example of this is insurance sales where more and more niches are getting into call traffic. For right now, today, Countershot is looking to partner with top-tier Publishers in the following insurance market areas:

  • Auto Insurance (both insured and uninsured drivers)
  • Health Insurance
  • Medicare / Medicare Supplement
  • Home Insurance
  • Final Expense / Pre-Need Burial
  • Life Insurance

Countershot’s also interested in continuing to work, on a one on one basis, with exclusive, real-time digital leads in these markets. If you have leads, not clicks, in these markets, please let us hear from you and we can work together to match them up with the best end users.

Let us hear from you… we always have our door open to listen, talk and brainstorm on the best way to work together, grow our businesses and help make one another successful!

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