Let’s talk about call traffic!
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Let’s talk about call traffic!

Let’s talk about call traffic!

What’s really changing in 2017 in a very big way is the seismic shift in affiliate marketing traffic from digital leads, i.e. form applications, to call traffic. Both call transfers and inbound calls are rapidly coming into their own…..demand for both has increased dramatically! It doesn’t take much of a crystal ball to see that these 2 methods of driving customer traffic are going to grow much far faster than traditional digital leads.

There are several trends driving this change:

  1. Quality … 2016 will be remember as the apex of poor quality digital leads. Almost every Advertiser got burned and was forced to find alternatives to keep their businesses growing. Digital auto insurance leads in particular almost turned valueless.
  2. Know right away if what’s being generated will work …… with just a few calls received over a very short period of time, it’s easy for the Advertiser to assess if what they have is something that makes sense for them and will monetize to their expectations.
  3. More value….. Using different metrics, a valid call is 10 t0 15 times more valuable than most digital leads. This makes what’s being transacted have monetary worth which benefits both the Publisher and the Advertiser.
  4. Better Monetization …. When someone agrees to be transferred or clicks to call, there’s a good chance they are serious about the product or service. Tire kickers, trolls and “just shoppers” get eliminated from the get go.

If you are a full time Publisher and haven’t gotten serious about turning at least a part of your traffic into call traffic, you are on track to seriously miss the next big opportunity. The number of Advertisers and verticals with extensive call offers is rapidly growing. You need to be in the middle of this mix!

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