Looking back at 2016 and ahead to 2017
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Looking back at 2016 and ahead to 2017

Looking back at 2016 and ahead to 2017

We’ve all survived the Christmas & New Year holidays… Now, let’s get busy working on what we can accomplish in 2017! Most of us have ambitious plans that have at their core the desire to do even better than we did in 2016. At Countershot / ClickOffer we’re no different. Here’s how we went about thinking of 2017.

First, we thought it important to understand what happened in our markets in 2016 and why. We see 2 BIG things happened…..

  1. Very importantly, mobile for generating lead traffic reached a tipping point insuring it’s going to be a mobile world. Anybody not prepared for this is going to be playing catch up for a very long time!
  2. Secondly and harder to see, is the digital lead market has dug a deep hole that’s hard to get out of with 2 things happening simultaneously… First, many Publishers have become “data recyclers” only pushing around old information with little to no real value. Additionally, many Advertisers are playing an old shell game, claiming to offer prices that don’t exist. They get away with this by accepting & paying for far fewer leads than they take in and use.

These two practices taken in tandem are like a cancer for digital leads.

With this said, where do we go in 2017? For Countershot it’s a much stronger focus on call generated traffic, both call transfer and click to call / inbound. The BIG advantage is one knows very quickly if both the Advertiser and Publisher are living up to their responsibilities. By starting out in the popular auto, homeowner and health insurance markets, Countershot hopes to expand into many more areas. If you have or know of quality call traffic or you are an Advertiser looking for good traffic, we’d like to talk more.

Additionally, Countershot’s moving to own more and more of its offers, making them exclusive. This allows more control over what’s taking place, as well as, serious input to insure both the Publisher and Advertiser are treated fairly. This has to be combined with a laser focus on quality Publishers, those who have the capability and intent to create real traffic. For much of 2016 Countershot rejected about 20 potential Publishers for each one accepted. We don’t see this changing in 2017 combined with a much more extensive engagement with those Publishers who have proven track records.

Now that we’ve told you a bit about our thoughts for the New Year, we’d welcome hearing from you and sharing with us your thinking! We never forget we’re in this together!

HAPPY NEW YEAR and best wishes for a most prosperous 2017!!

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