New Publisher Considerations for 2017
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New Publisher Considerations for 2017

New Publisher Considerations for 2017

This is the time of year where it seems time speeds up and the calendar is racing to see how quickly it can get to the next year! With the US holidays of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas followed by New Year’s right n front of us, there’s a lot to do and not much time to get it accomplished. Whatever was planned for 2016 is either looking like its being accomplished or there’s more work to push over into 2017. Now is the time to get really serious about how your efforts are going to kick off 2017.

For most Publishers, 2016 has been a year with many changes taking place in the different marketplaces. Some markets have expanded, others gotten smaller and most have become more turbulent. The emphasis on quality has continued to ramp up with more and more analytical tools available to everyone to help better understand and quantify what’s taking place, including where and how traffic is originating, how it’s being moved and ultimately where its ending up. This continues to underscore the continuing conversations around consistent traffic quality, day in and day out.

qualityThis is particularly important for out of US publishers to understand where this increasingly singular focus on quality can often get lost in all the other considerations. While everyone around a Publisher in a particular country may implement similar practices, it doesn’t mean these practices are going to be well received by US advertisers. This is especially true of what is increasingly loosely called “email” which means in many areas nothing more than confirming and recycling older data no matter how “sophisticated” the process. Better practices are becoming increasingly important to secure an ongoing place as a Publisher for most large Advertisers.

For Advertisers, 2016 has seen an increasing consolidation of buyers in many of the large internet marketplaces. With fewer competitors, there’s a temptation to take advantages that can border on both the unfair and unethical. One can see this in what is referred to as “scrubbing”, fewer pixel fires and continuing lower prices being offered. The most effective way the small Publisher can counter this is to stay flexible with the agility to go after other, new opportunities as they are available and of course, ramp up quality which is always in demand.

As we move through the last quarter of the year, don’t forget we’re all in this together and it’s by everyone having the opportunity to benefit that’s going to keep the marketplaces viable and growing!

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