Progress in Reverse…
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Progress in Reverse…

Progress in Reverse…

Google celebrated its 15thbirthday in April… What change they’ve created in the last 15 years! The list is almost endless of what we can do today with the internet, big data, AI, our pc’s, tablets, and it goes on. Paralleling this is the warp speed evolving cell phone, which is really no longer a phone. But… and this is a BIG BUT… telephone service for most of us is way worse today than it was 15 years ago, in terms of the actual experience of having a phone conversation with another person or group.

We all know this, and when we stand back and think about it, it’s confounding; All this positive technological change, while the quality of the average phone call gets worse and worse. Just think about any call today… not infrequently the call drops (and we all blame the other party or carrier). Another issue… only one speaker can talk at a time. This creates a huge problem since on most calls, and especially “conference” calls, there’s at least one person who can’t stop themselves from doing all the talking making it difficult to find a polite way for anyone else to say anything much. The word “conference” has almost become a euphemism with the walkie-talkie technology still in use. Often the time could have been much better spent in a one on one call. Then there’s the issue of “call quality” … calls now have static, varying volume and “other worldly” sounding noises and headsets picking up only the extraneous noises  — it makes it difficult to say focused on the conversation at hand.

Endless mobility and having your phone easily available anywhere is a true gift, regardless of what we say or how much we complain. But with “phone calls” # 6 on the list of how our cell phones are used, it’s understandable why we’ve all figured out ways to connect without “talking”… actually speaking with another person, i.e. “talking” has almost become the choice of last resort. It’s not too hard to figure out why!

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