Singular Success = Multiple Markets
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Singular Success = Multiple Markets

Singular Success = Multiple Markets

Today’s call and lead markets ebb and flow due to multiple influences far beyond the control of any publisher and in most cases, any advertiser. In the past few years, this high demand /low demand cycle has become even more noticeable. Particularly true in the insurance markets and especially in health insurance, it requires publishers to remain nimble and alert always anticipating the next turn of events. Even more importantly, for a stable, consistent business, the key to any long-term sustained success, it necessitates the publisher being in not just one market, but several. This way when one market is in decline or down, everything doesn’t come to a halt.

Ideally, multiple markets can be put together in such a way that an even business flow can be realized throughout the year. However, even if this isn’t the case, the revenues for several active markets added together can provide the income to move thru the year to the next upturn in the cycle. A serious mistake in today’s markets is to rely on just one market vertical to provide everything that’s needed to be successful…. This just seems to be an outmoded idea.

Particularly workable combinations can be verticals in the same general business areas such as finance, insurance, home-related offers and personal care. For example, combining health and Medicare insurance can be very complimentary. Add to this home and auto insurance and you are close to having a stable year-round market. Other markets to consider include home mortgage refinancing, business loans, burial expense and home improvement offers. All of these have a time and place and when put together in the right combination results in a situation where 1+1 can equal 3.

Get out there and try things. Some markets may not work as expected for your needs but it takes trying and experience to gain the knowledge of what is the best set of variables for your circumstances. Just remember that in 2018, singular success comes from multiple markets!

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