Thanksgiving….. Quintessentially American, it’s Fiction
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Thanksgiving….. Quintessentially American, it’s Fiction

Thanksgiving….. Quintessentially American, it’s Fiction

Most of us in internet marketing work every day with affiliates, partners and professionals from every part of the world… And, in this process, we have learned of many different holidays, festivals, and holy days, many unique to only a limited number of cultures, countries, or even specific regions within a country. The US is no different. While Christmas is the largest holiday, its roots are not in America. The USA’s biggest self-created holiday is Thanksgiving.

While rapidly getting lost between a booming, expanding Halloween and never-ending Christmas, Thanksgiving is positioned as a long-standing remembrance of home, family, thankfulness, and a tip of the hat to the “Pilgrims”. Like many things, we discover in retrospect that little about Thanksgiving is true. First, it’s relatively new, created by commercial interests to sell magazines and their advertisers’ homemaker oriented products.

Secondly, the stories surrounding its origin are largely fiction and sadly the Pilgrims turned out to be just one group in a long line of self-centered Europeans, while persecuted at home, arrived determined to claim everything possible in the newly settling Americas from its already inhabited residents, which, by the way, included both South and North America with equal gusto. America is named for Americus Vespucius, an Italian working for Spain who actually discovered the American continent knowing it was a new land mass. Columbus thought he had found a new route to India and thus called the “natives” Indians which remains confusing to most even today. Seeing these events now, the US would likely send troops if some nation-state tried this same thing.

Which brings us back to the beginning; internet marketing is everyone, wherever in the world, working seamlessly together to create commerce which benefits everyone involved. In many instances, it’s the only and the best way to escape the poor economy that has built up around them. It’s a way into the world, to better finances and a better life.

For this, we should all be thankful.

For this, we need to all continue to work together to improve and grow what we have built together.

For this, we must all remain vigilant to not let the overly greedy, the too clever by half, and those looking out only for themselves, gain a meaningful toehold in this marketplace.

For this, we must continue to build, develop and implement the tools needed to build a trustful and transparent marketplace.

Real thankfulness is the heart that makes it happen.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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