Time is Flying!
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Time is Flying!

Time is Flying!

Time Flies!

It takes a moment to absorb that we are already in March, the last month of the first quarter of 2019! Truly time flies…. like a jet! It seems only a day or two ago we were in 2018 waxing on about the New Year and all the extraordinary accomplishments that were going to be ours with the turn of a page of the calendar. We’ll here we are, settling into that new year we talked so much about and where are in regard to all our plans?

Would I be totally wrong if I guessed that most of us haven’t made nearly the progress toward our new goals as we were expecting?  Why? Real life is messy, unpredictable and very hard to plow through. It just won’t stop interfering with our limited time and especially the time needed to do new things which are often associated with recently adopted sparkling new objectives. So before we know it, we are repeating much of what took up most of our time in 2018 and wearing ourselves down in the process. How do we break out of this hamster wheel?

It’s not easy but doable. For everyone it’s different. The common element is commitment. Not just a new year’s resolution but a deep down, genuine desire to accomplish specific objectives. It takes a while to get to this place and allow yourself the time. Once there, it’s like a curtain drops between the “old” and “new”. You find both the time and the ways to pursue what’s most important to you. As you take each step, regardless of how small, you can see that you are on “the path” and what once looked like just something sort of wishful, it starts becoming a clearer and clearer reality. What a great feeling!

Its only March – some time lost but not too late to re-start, commit and go after what you wanted to accomplish in 2019. There’s definitely still time to get the job done, but let’s get moving — time is flying!

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