Today’s User Call Experience: Techy but Miserable
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Today’s User Call Experience: Techy but Miserable

Today’s User Call Experience: Techy but Miserable

If you’ve had the opportunity to listen to as many recordings of applicants calling in for various services and trying to navigate through today’s average online call channel, you can’t help but empathize for what the un-expecting potential applicant is being put through. Heavy on technology but generally totally lacking any understanding of what positively motivates a person, these ham-fisted processes are generally just a few short steps away from being a nightmare.

It starts with the unfounded assumption that it’s all about minimizing the labor costs or real human beings. Please spare us from having to recruit and hire an actual individual. From this perspective, it’s infinitely better for a person to talk to an IVR than to a real person. So, IVR’s abound trying to address every facet of what’s going on. Often with very confusing and hard to understand instructions, the same questions asked repeatedly and “I don’t understand” as an acceptable and common answer. Only a socially challenged introvert could even conceive of such a routine.

It’s maddening! Who came up with this? If the large marketing companies would just give me 1% of the sales, I (or you) could easily design a process using real people that could easily double or triple sales. We’d have our own 200 ft luxury liner in no time. It’s really very basic; most people want to talk to other people – not IVR’s. People want to ask questions and get reasonable answers they understand.

It’s not rocket science. Why, for instance, the large insurance carriers don’t understand this is very puzzling. They are supposedly the experts in selling to individuals with literally thousands of agents nationwide. When it comes to providing a reasonably positive experience for those calling in for information or a quote, they fail miserably

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