What’s New is Old
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What’s New is Old

What’s New is Old

As we’ve been working to expand the footprint of Counter Shot Media for 2019, we had the good fortune to meet with many accomplished, high achieving entrepreneurs from many parts of the world. What impresses us most, when working with these talented people after a short while, is all the obstacles they had overcome to be where they are today. Those we work with have generally chosen early on to focus on the United States and to connect with it in any way they could. This required that they learn to speak reasonably fluent English, learn the details of what’s going on in our business environment and how they can connect with it. Then, they generally acquire the technical and business skills to interface with counterparts in the States, again, often in a local environment that’s not supportive.

Once they are up and running, they have to adjust their daily lives to the business hours here – often 9+ hours difference, requiring working at night every business day. This is what’s needed just to be in the game and part of things.

Once immersed, they quickly learn they must trust their US counterparts – there’s no effective, workable recourse. So, they try and chose carefully and hold tight when they find a “good partner”. It almost always takes a partner to operate in this environment.

It can wear you out just thinking about it! We are so honored to have established the relationships we have with our many partners all over the world. Further, we are proud of how long these relationships last and operate primarily on “oral handshakes” based on nothing but trust that each party will do as they say.

So here we are in 2019, as internet-based businesses, using technology never before employed broadly in the history of civilization to the extent we use it today. Yet right along beside all that’s new, are little changed centuries-old business practices, acting as the glue that holds much of it together!

Its great fun and a privilege to be part of this! May 2019 be a most successful year for everyone!

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