What’s Promised vs What You Get
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What’s Promised vs What You Get

What’s Promised vs What You Get

As the large call platforms continue to grow rapidly, their sales and marketing teams are busy extolling their transparency, broad coverage and above all, their overall level of quality. It’s a promise writ large by continuous promotion and serious pronouncements by their employees as to all the efforts made and safeguards in place to ensure top quality products. A similar scenario is taking place with many of the large publishers who generate their calls in-house thru proprietary means and properties. Again the thrust of everything said is “top quality”. This all sounds outstanding… almost a nirvana if only you are lucky enough to be able to resale their calls.

After a reasonable amount of experience and enough calls, the reality of what’s really happening begins to emerge. Sadly, but not unexpectantly, all is not as one would have hoped. Slowly but surely the actual nature of the calls begins to take shape. Surprise…for all you’ve been told, they are often not “top quality”. Frequently, quite the opposite is the case. Using carefully developed analytics, a buyer of these calls begins to discover many unexpected surprises.

These range from “inverse selection” where the calls have been through an earlier IVR and those rejected sent to unsuspecting buyers to the circumstance where an abundance of calls in low demand states make up a large part of what’s received. The most serious and hardest to convince the seller that there is a problem is out and out fraud where there’s a deliberate effort by the Publisher to create a “qualified” call out of circumstances that don’t qualify. This can run the gambit from “fake” applicants to “hiding” in an IVR until the duration has expired.

It’s definitely a buyer beware environment and anyone not paying careful attention is going to get a rude awakening. While the call/lead markets have come a long way from the early years of the internet, there are still plenty of people out there trying to take shortcuts with benefits going to no one but themselves. There’s still more of the wild west than we may want to admit… and not in a good way!


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