Wish List for 2018
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Wish List for 2018

Wish List for 2018

It’s officially 2018 and time for putting out there our official wish list for the New Year! We’ve got 2 wishes for those in the pay per call market — one for Publishers and one for Advertisers.

For Publishers: Filtered calls aren’t raw calls! They cost more and filters should be respected! For example, sending calls from persons trying to make a customer service call to some unrelated carrier is not a real call! Please stop sending them! Many days most of the calls are service calls! What’s up?? These can creep into calls that have to be paid for and everyone loses but the Publisher. We expect better in 2018!

For Advertisers: Staffing up on sales agents who aren’t very good at closing sales hurts everyone! It takes time, effort and money to create a quality call and when it’s sent to a sales agent who, for a number of reasons, isn’t very effective at closing a sale, it’s a loss for everyone involved. Having both qualified, sales oriented agent is a must that’s often overlooked. We’d like to see proven sales ability front and center!

Only two wishes, but if granted they would dramatically change the day to day experience for all of us involved in the day to day pay per call market. We can only wish!!

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