Working Hours Redux… Can’t See to Can’t See
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Working Hours Redux… Can’t See to Can’t See

Working Hours Redux… Can’t See to Can’t See

When the migration of young adults who had grown up on the thousands of small family farms that dotted southern and Midwestern states was in full swing in the late 1930’s, they were often asked why they had left their family farms. Often the first among several reasons was that on the farm their working hours were from can’t see to can’t see. Meaning they had to be up before sunrise/daylight to start their chores and worked past sundown /dark to finish up. Staring in the dark and finishing in the dark!

With all our techno-prowess, one would think that the work-life we’d create for especially those proficient in technology, would have vestiges of at least some leisure and extended downtime. But as we’ve all come to learn, the effect of rapid change has produced just the reverse. Our hours have reverted to those of the small farms……….can’t see to can’t see!

Most who are deeply involved in technology-related business have learned there is really no time off, no place to escape to get away and no personal time on the horizon. It’s very long days, weeks running into one another and vacations a wish more than a reality. Why? Several reasons rise immediately to the top of the list:

  1. No one does one job anymore, but several.
  2. The entire country, if not world, has become one’s everyday market and we all know the world never sleeps!
  3. The pace of everyday business has moved from a trot to a jet-fueled blast off! Instant response is expected 24/7.

Will this change? Probably not in the foreseeable future. Is there a better way to cope? Probably yes. How one copes is a very individualistic decision from dropping out to carving out at least minimal amounts of “private time”.

It’s fascinating to think how the world will work in another 20 years and what will be our roles. Whatever we think, it’s important to live today so we’ll be around to see for ourselves!

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